Cassie Randolph

Season 1 & 2

Cassie is juggling school, romance and a modelling career against the backdrop of Biola’s strict moral code.

Hannah Seals

Season 1

Hannah is the rule-following theatre student with a girl next door vibe. She’s comfortable in the spotlight, but not on dates.

Tony Walsh

Season 1 & 2

Tony is an Alaskan living the So Cal life. His adventurous spirit gets him into trouble, but friends can’t help but join in on his antics.

Michelle Randolph

Season 1 & 2

Michelle is Cassie's younger sister who tags along with the older crowd and has a budding modelling career just like her sister.

Robert Carlson

Season 1 & 2

Robert is Tony’s serious roommate with a dry sense of humor.  He’s a wing-man and is quick to offer sound advice.

Rob Groeschell

Season 1

Rob is an all-star baseball player who has never dated but carries a well-defined list of attributes he’s looking for in a mate.

Caelan Tiongson

Season 1 & 2

Caelan is the star of Biola’s basketball team and is sorting out his on and off again relationship with Cassie.

Steve Day

Season 1

Steve is an Australian born international student who needs to find a job before he gets kicked out of America.

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can you still follow god in College?

Young Once

Young Once is a Castle:Original eight-part docuseries highlighting college life at one of North America’s most conservative schools, where alcohol, drugs and sex are off-limits. Woven between the campus pranks, romances and finals, is a funny and endearing coming-of-age story that shows the depth and contemplative nature of the students. It reminds us that we’re all Young Once.

Young Once season one is filmed on-location in California at Biola University, an offbeat college environment like no other. Cameras follow an eclectic group of students who find adventure, explore personal relationships and push social boundaries against the backdrop of Hollywood, Sunset Strip and exams.

From blind dates and virgin romance to the fear of failing grades and what lies in the dark tunnels beneath campus, viewers will journey into an entertaining world full of surprises.

Season two is currently in production and follows the cast adjusting to life as they face a myriad of tough decisions as young adults.

How do they navigate relationships, careers and their faith in the real world when “reality” is unpredictable and takes them down a road they didn’t expect?

Season one’s romance between Cassie Randolph and Caelan Tiongson takes a different turn in season two, as the friends define the next phase of their relationship and face unexpected challenges.

Plus, season two includes more antics from quirky fan favorite Tony Walsh, who wants to propose to his longtime girlfriend, but crushing student debt may force him to delay his plans.

Tony’s matter-of-fact Biola roommate Robert Carlson is back, Michelle Randolph’s modelling and acting career is taking off, and fans will warm up to the new cast from SoCal when season two releases winter 2019 on Castle.

Young Once