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Season 2
Season 2 Episode 1 is Live NOW!Season 2 Episode 2 - Coming February 11Season 2 Episode 3 - Coming February 18Season 2 Episode 4 - Coming February 25Season 2 Episode 5 - Coming March 4Season 2 Episode 6 - Coming March 11
Season 1
Cassie Randolph
Cassie Randolph
Cassie Randolph is sweet soul who is always up for an adventure. Whether it’s skydiving, surfing, or studying to be a Speech Pathologist, Cassie keeps busy with her SoCal lifestyle! But, she’s also facing some rough waters with her ex-boyfriend Caelan. With unresolved feelings and hard conversations that need to happen between the two, she tries to figure out if she can still be friends with someone she cares for so deeply - or if a clean break is needed to truly move on.
Caelan Tiongson
CAELAN Tiongson
Caelan Tiongson has just returned home after experiencing one of the loneliest years of his life playing professional basketball in China. As he reconnects with old friends and his ex-girlfriend Cassie, he wonders if continuing his career overseas will further separate him from the people he cares about most.
Tony Walsh
TONY Walsh
Tony Walsh wants to propose to his girlfriend but has one big problem in his way- crushing student debt. As the bills stack up, the prospect of staying in California and popping the question are becoming less of a reality. Tony tries to put his college degree in graphic design to work in unconventional ways, while facing the reality that things after college don’t always play out the way we hope.
Kendall Fee
Kendall Fee
Kendall Fee is close friends with Caelan and encourages him in his faith while he navigates a hard time in his life. She’s always up for fun and is involved in her church, and because she didn’t go to Biola University with the rest of the gang, she’s able to see dynamics in the group from her unique perspective.
Linda Salas
Linda Salas
Linda Salas calls herself the “mom” of her friend group and is stuck in the middle of the drama between her best friend Cassie and her college friend Caelan.  Without taking sides, Linda tries to speak truth into their lives and be the friend they both need. Linda is recently married and is passionate about education and serving people around her and in Thailand.
March 13, 2019
Cassie Randolph’s First Audition Tape for Young Once is Extremely Sweet
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March 5, 2019
Young Once on Dealing with Drama
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January 30, 2019
Cassie Randolph from “The Bachelor” says she wants God as the foundation of her marriage.
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